Matched Betting: Get a Risk-Free Bet or Guaranteed Profit with Football Index

I’ve talked about matched betting a few times on this blog. To recap, it’s a way of making risk-free (and tax-free) cash by taking advantage of bookmaker special offers and promotions.

Matched betting is perfectly legal and (done properly) it’s not gambling. You can read my introduction to matched betting here, and why I believe it is such a great money-making sideline for over-sixties in particular here.

Today I want to talk about a method you can use to make either a guaranteed profit of around £33, or have a risk-free bet that could potentially return £500 or more in profit. I haven’t seen this method being discussed on matched betting sites generally.

The website you need to use to take advantage of this opportunity is Football Index (not an affiliate link). This is effectively a stock market for footballers. Traders can buy and sell ‘futures’ in top players. The value of these goes up and down according to how the players perform, and as with any stock market traders aim to buy low and sell high to make a profit. Dividends are also paid to the holders of futures in the best-performing footballers and those generating the most media buzz.

I don’t intend to go into detail about trading on Football Index, though, as that is basically gambling. In this post instead I want to highlight a matched-betting-type opportunity to make a guaranteed profit or have a risk-free bet with the potential to generate a much bigger return.

There is no need for any football knowledge or trading expertise to profit from this opportunity. It simply involves taking advantage of the £73.50 cashback offer from the Top Cashback website and (under certain circumstances) the £500 risk-free trading offer from Football Index. The latter stipulates that if you lose money in your first 7 days of trading, you can claim back your losses in full. The only ‘catch’ to this is that if you claim a refund under the 7-day guarantee, you will no longer be eligible for the cashback.

Joining Via Top Cashback

The first step in this method is to sign up as a new member of Football Index using Top Cashback.

I wrote about cashback sites a while ago in this blog post. Essentially, once you are signed up with one of these sites, if you click through to a merchant via a link on the site, you receive cashback for any purchases you make with the merchant in question.

Top Cashback are currently paying the the highest rates for Football Index. If you sign up via Top Cashback, then deposit £10 and wager £9 (minimum), TCB will give you £31.50 cashback (yes, that’s more than you paid, I know). And if you deposit at least £40 and wager at least £39, you will get a whacking £73.50 in cashback. I therefore highly recommend the latter option if you can afford it.

Here is a link to the sign up page for Football Index on Top Cashback. And yes, it’s an affiliate link, so if you are new to TCB and join up with them I will get a small (£7.50) commission. That is actually a lot less than I could make if I used affiliate links to Football Index directly, but then the method described in this post wouldn’t work. You have to join Football Index via the link on Top Cashback to get the cashback offer.

Before you deposit any money at Football Index, you have a choice to make. I’ll talk about the two main options now.

The Guaranteed Profit Option

If you want to make a guaranteed £33.50 profit (at least), deposit £40 at Football Index and wager at least £39. It doesn’t matter whom you buy futures in, so if you aren’t knowledgeable about football just pick any players you’ve heard about or like the sound of!

This means you will qualify for the £73.50 cashback. You can check that your purchase has tracked on the Top Cashback website, and if it hasn’t raise a query with them. According to stats on the TCB site over 99% of all purchases for Football Index do track correctly, though. You will have to wait about 5 weeks for the £73.50 to be credited to your TCB account, from which you can then withdraw it.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on how the price of your ‘portfolio’ of players (or single player) is changing. In the worst possible case (which is highly improbable) you may lose your entire £40. In this case, DON’T claim under the Football Index 7 day money-back guarantee. If you do, it will invalidate your cashback claim. Even if you have to write off your £40, when you take into account your £73.50 cashback you will be £33.50 in profit overall.

Far more likely is that you will be in profit at Football Index or showing a small loss. In that case you can simply sell your futures and withdraw your money, and add this to the minimum £33.50 profit mentioned above.

Alternatively, you might choose to let your investment run. At this point you will be gambling rather than matched betting. But in the worst possible case – if all your futures become worthless – you will still be £33.50 in profit, while potentially you could double your money or more if their value rises.

The Risk-Free Bet Option

This is the other way you can play this offer. Join Football Index through Top Cashback as before, then deposit the full £500 and wager it. In this case you are looking to make a large, quick profit, or else claim under the Football Index 7-day guarantee and get any losses refunded. A risk-free bet, in other words.

You could either put the entire £500 on one player, or spread the money across a number. The former approach has the potential for the biggest returns, but could also lead to the biggest losses. That won’t matter if you take advantage of the refund offer, of course.

Then watch how your investments perform as before. If the value of your portfolio goes up, you are quids in. Not only will you have the £73.50 cashback from TCB to look forward to, you will have your profits from Football Index to take as well. Good call!

If you are down by over £73.50, then before the seven days are up contact Football Index and ask to claim under their 7-day guarantee. You will need to liquidate your portfolio and Football Index will then top this back up to your original £500, which you can withdraw. You won’t then qualify for the TCB cashback, so you will simply break even.

If your losses with Football Index are less than £73.50, you have a decision to make. You could still claim under the 7-day guarantee as before and accept the break-even. However, you might prefer not to claim, in order to remain eligible for the £73.50 cashback. In this case you could liquidate your portfolio and withdraw the remaining money, taking a small loss there, but enjoying an overall profit once you receive your cashback.

You could even choose to stay invested for longer to see if the value of your portfolio rises. At this point you will be gambling, though, and potentially could lose more than you put in (even allowing for the cashback) – so think carefully before taking this course.

Good luck, and I hope you make lots of money from the Football Index opportunity. If you have any queries or comments, as always, please do post them below.

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